Why Is Propane a “Green” Fuel?

4 FAQs About Nontoxic Propane

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Many of our mid-Michigan customers are environmentally conscious and want to find a fuel source that is both right for their personal or commercial use and a form of “green” energy that’s safe for the earth and energy-efficient.

Propane gas is a good choice for those who strive for environmental responsibility, as it is nontoxic and produces minimal emissions, according to the Propane Education & Research Council Propane is also harmless to soil or groundwater – an important element for being considered a “green” fuel.

Your Propane Questions Answered

How can propane be nontoxic if it’s harmful to humans to inhale?

Propane gas is nontoxic but can displace the air in a person’s lungs when inhaled, making it difficult to breathe if exposed to propane gas in high concentrations. In other words, propane hogs up the air in the lungs that a person needs to breathe. Symptoms related to propane vapor exposure stem from oxygen depletion, not from any toxic attributes of the propane itself.

Why does non-toxic propane gas smell so foul?

Propane vapors are actually odorless, but manufacturers add an unpleasant, skunk-like odor to alert the public to possible gas leaks. When propane is stored properly, the odor is contained.

Where does propane stack up as a clean alternative fuel?

Propane is low in carbon, which means that it does not emit gasses that contribute to the greenhouse effect, or a home or business’s carbon footprint. In fact, because of its lower greenhouse gas emissions, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave propane its stamp
of approval as a clean-burning alternative fuel.

Is propane an efficient fuel?

Fuel efficiency is crucial for an environmentally friendly energy source. Increased efficiency means decreased harmful emissions, and propane is one of the most efficient fuels that exist, with many propane appliances typically considered 95 percent efficient, or better! Because propane is highly combustible, it produces a large amount of power with a small amount of output – in other words, more bang for your buck, both financially and energy-wise.

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