Why Does My Heating Oil Tank Have Sludge?

oil sludge lansing, mi Using oil as a source of heat has a long list of benefits. First of all, it is a safe and affordable way to warm your house or commercial space. A heating oil furnace also warms up faster than any other kind of home heating system, which means you warm up faster on a cold Tri County-area winter day. Additionally, heating oil burns up to 30% more efficiently than electric heat and 20% more efficiently than natural gas heat. Plus, it’s a cleaner fuel.

However, all these benefits don’t necessarily mean that you won’t run into the occasional heating oil challenge such as sludge on your heating oil tank.

What Causes Sludge On A Heating Tank?

Sludge on a heating oil tank is a dark substance found on the bottom of an oil storage tank that is a direct result of build up from using the tank over and over again. It is made up of dirt, debris, rust flakes from inside the heating oil tank and bacteria that grows on the oil.

Heating oil sludge can cause major problems for heating systems. If it’s not properly taken care of, sludge can make its way into the fuel itself and clog the supply line. In extreme cases, this can make your heating system stop working entirely.

Preventing Heating Oil Sludge

The good news is that heating oil sludge is preventable. Here are some ways you can stop a heating oil sludge problem before it starts:

  • Don’t cut costs when it comes to purchasing heating oil. Higher quality is well worth the price in this case. Don’t buy heating oil from discount fuel companies. You are much better off buying from a reliable and well-known company like Lansing Ice & Fuel. Not only do we source our fuel from quality suppliers, but we also treat it with sludge-bursting additives.
  • If you have been using your tank for years and years, get it drained by a waste oil contractor. This can help remove sludge that has built up over time, which will help your heating system run better. We also recommend thinking about replacing a tank that is 20 years or older.
  • Condensation can build up on outdoor heating tanks so if you have the option to install a heating tank indoors it’s recommended. If moving a tank inside is not an option, try to put your outdoor tank in a shed to protect it from changes in temperature.
  • Schedule routine maintenance for your heating system with a qualified technician on a yearly basis.

Lansing Ice & Fuel For Your Heating Oil Needs

As a fifth-generation family-owned business, Lansing Ice & Fuel is ready to be your heating oil provider if you’re in the Greater Lansing, MI area. We pride ourselves on reasonable prices, high quality products and reliable customer service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your heating needs and about the discount you’ll receive on your first bill!