When should I buy my propane?

when should I buy propaneAs you bask in the warmth of another balmy August day here in beautiful Lansing, the thought of heating your with propane is probably the last thing on your mind.

Which is exactly why you should be thinking about it.

In summer, demand for propane gas is often greatly reduced. When you order propane during or just leading up to heating season, on the other hand, you’re joining the thousands of Ingham, Eaton, Shiawassee and Clinton County home and business owners who all need propane at the same time.

All that demand could (and often does) cause propane prices to rise – which can make buying propane in the summer a good investment.

Two more ways to save with Lansing Ice & Fuel

Of course when it comes to propane prices, nothing is certain, since so many unpredictable factors influence the price of propane gas (including the weather and the global economy, since propane prices track with globally-traded crude oil).

That’s why Lansing Ice & Fuel offers flexible payment options to keep heating bill surprises to a minimum.

  • With our Pre-buy fixed rate option, you’ll lock in a price for your estimated fuel usage for the entire heating season. Your price will not go up all winter long, no matter what happens in the market.
  • With our Price Cap option, your price never goes above the cap, but it can drop if market prices fall.*

Both these payment options can be combined with our monthly payment program to make your heating bills even more predictable in the months ahead.

Three more ways to save money on your heating bills

If the name of the game is saving money on your propane bills, there are many ways to do it . Here are a few to think about:

  • Stay organized. Avoid purchasing your propane at the last minute, which can lead to emergency delivery fees. With Automatic Propane Delivery from Lansing, you’ll avoid this problem altogether.
  • Maintain your heating equipment. A tune-up from a qualified heating professional will keep your equipment running more efficiently and reliably throughout the heating season.
  • Consider sensible upgrades. The efficiency of propane heating equipment drops considerably over the course of its lifetime; in fact, a 12- to 15-year-old oil fired system could be running at less than two-thirds the efficiency of a new system. If your heating system is well into its second decade, an upgrade could pay for itself in just a few short years.

Need propane for your Ingham, Eaton, Shiawassee or Clinton county home? Become a customer and experience the Lansing Ice & Fuel difference for yourself! Contact us today to learn more about our propane delivery in Lansing.

*A fee is charged by our suppliers for this two-way protection, which is passed along to you. Contact us for details.