What Is Propane Made Of?

An Introduction

propane michigan Chances are you’re already familiar with propane’s versatility. There’s so much it can do in and around your Lansing area home. Propane is great for precise temperature control when you’re cooking. It can provide whole-house heating. It can run appliances like your clothes dryer or water heater. And with a propane-powered backup generator, you can keep everything in your home up and running during a power outage—from your refrigerator to your home security system to all your electronics and devices.

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What’s Propane Made Out Of?

Propane is made as a byproduct of natural gas processing and crude oil refining. It’s often compressed and stored as a liquid. Propane is sometimes called liquefied petroleum gas which is commonly shortened to LP gas or LPG. When it’s used as a fuel for vehicles, it’s called propane Autogas.

Where Is Propane Produced?

Most of the propane used in America (more than 90%) is produced in North America. That means using propane reduces our country’s dependency on foreign oil.

Does Propane Freeze?

Technically propane can freeze, but it’s not something most people need to worry about—even during the winter months. That’s because the freezing point of propane is -44 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Propane Efficient?

Propane is extremely efficient. In fact, as a rule, it’s a more efficient source of energy than electricity. For example, a propane clothes dryer offers faster and more energy-efficient clothes drying than an electric clothes dryer. And it will leave you with fewer wrinkles. Also, a propane water heater offers roughly double the water recovery rate of an electric water heater. And it usually costs less to operate. Furthermore, propane water heaters take up less space and offer better accuracy in terms of temperature adjustment. They also allow for more installation choices, as they can go almost anywhere.

Is Propane Safe?

Propane needs to be handled with care, but it also has a great safety track record thanks to robust regulations. Although a rare occurrence, if there’s a leak, propane gas won’t harm the surrounding soil, water, or any living creatures. It’s non-toxic.

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Why Choose Lansing Ice & Fuel?

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