Propane Refill in Lansing, MI

propane refill lansing

Always have enough propane for grilling!

One of the advantages of grilling with propane is that it’s just so easy!

All you have to do is turn on the propane supply valve, turn on the burners and the ignition, and your grill is ready! Propane grills heat up fast, grill your food beautifully, and, when you’re done, you simply turn off the burners, close the supply valve, and give a quick cleaning to the grates.

Compare that with charcoal grilling. First you have to assemble all the supplies: charcoal, chimney starter, newspaper, lighter fluid, lighter. Then you have to build and light the fire and wait for it to get hot. After you’ve finished grilling, there’s more waiting for the charcoal to finish burning before you deal with the messy cleanup of soot and ashes.

Propane grilling has many other advantages.

Because of the ease and convenience of propane, you can grill pretty much all year round.

When you’re cooking for a crowd, like a family reunion or a pool party, propane lets you make a lot of food quickly and easily.

You get precise and instant temperature control. Charcoal just can’t offer that!

You can grill everything from delicate fish to steaks—even desserts!

Propane tank refill nearby

Lansing Ice & Fuel has been serving the greater Lansing region for more than 110 years. Because of that, we know that having easy access to propane for grilling matters to our neighbors in Ingham, Eaton, Shiawassee and Clinton Counties.

Our propane cylinder exchange and refill service makes it easy for you to get the propane you need for your BBQ grill. Your empty tank, if certified, is safely refilled. Or you can choose the fast and easy option of exchanging your empty propane cylinder for a full one.

Do you own a gas station, a convenience store, a garden center, a hardware store, a home improvement store or other retail store in our area? Our propane tank refill and exchange service is a terrific way to bring customers to your business and increase your revenue stream. Contact us to learn more!