Propane Delivery in Ingham County

Lansing Ice & Fuel keeps Michigan households warm and comfortable

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Does your Ingham County home depend on propane for heat, hot water and powering appliances? Are you in the market for a dependable propane delivery partner? Countless Michigan families rely on Lansing Ice & Fuel to keep their homes comfortable. Our company has been a go-to home comfort partner since 1906, and we’re truly honored by the trust customers place in us.

Propane delivery services you can count on!

When you choose Lansing as your fuel company, you’ll receive premium propane at a fair, transparent price. Our trained, licensed delivery team is the most dependable in Ingham County. We show up on time and deliver your propane safely. We offer the following services to our propane customers:

  • Free automatic delivery — Our state-of-the-art computerized system tracks how much fuel you use and schedules a delivery right when you need it.
  • Propane tanks — We carry a range of tank sizes and offer remote tank monitoring too!
  • 24-hour emergency service — We won’t leave you in the cold.
  • Monthly payment program — Cut your winter bills in half by spreading your propane expenses out over 10 months.
  • Price protection programs — We offer two ways to protect yourself from ups and downs in the energy market. Our pre-buy fixed rate locks in your fuel price by letting you buy your season’s propane in advance. Our price cap limits how high your fuel rate can go up — but not how far it can fall. Contact us for more information.

IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY: If require emergency delivery or service or you smell gas, call us right away at (517) 940-6584. Please do not email.

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Located in South Central Michigan, Ingham County is home to Lansing, Michigan’s state capital

Established in 1829, Ingham County was named for the Honorable Samuel D. Ingham, Secretary of the Treasury under President Andrew Jackson. These days, it’s best known as the home of Michigan State University, located in East Lansing.

Visitors and locals alike enjoy and appreciate these local attractions and activities:

  • a vast county park system, with boating, biking, hiking, snowshoeing and more
  • Michigan State University’s campus
  • Potter Park Zoo
  • Historical Society of Greater Lansing

Lansing Ice & Fuel handles commercial accounts too!

Farms, warehouses, distribution centers, construction and hospitality — all these businesses trust Lansing Ice & Fuel for commercial propane delivery. We know every business is different, so we work closely with our customers to create a custom fueling plan. We’ll make sure your cooktops stay lit, your heaters remain warm and your forklifts keep moving!

Propane cylinder refills and exchanges

If you require a propane cylinder for your grill, RV or outdoor firepit, Lansing Ice & Fuel is here to help. You can find our refill stations and cylinder exchanges throughout Ingham County.

Reliable Products and Personalized Service

Family owned since 1906, Lansing Ice and Fuel proudly supports local organizations throughout the counties we serve, including charitable organizations, schools and more.

Whether you’re looking for auto-fill or will-call service for your home heating fuel, we’re here for you.

Customer Reviews

“These are great people to work with! Always respond quickly to any concern, fair prices and absolutely reliable service! Highly recommend!” —Wendy B.

“I have been using their services for years and they are the best and have the best prices and service. I strongly recommend this company.” —Martine C.R.

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re ready to start serving your Ingham County household today!