Propane Safety Reminders For Your Home

propane safety lansing, mi Propane is an incredibly versatile fuel that can be used in countless ways throughout your home. It powers numerous appliances that we use as a part of our everyday lives. We can cook with propane. Propane can heat hot water for your shower, pool and hot tub. It can dry your clothes when used in a clothes dryer and can power generators. Not only can propane be used for a variety of activities and appliances, but it is also environmentally friendly, easy to use and cost effective. It is also considered to be incredibly safe. That being said, there are, of course, certain propane safety precautions you should take and be aware of when it comes to using propane throughout your home.

Propane Safety Tips

For those of us who use propane in our homes, it is important that you know what to do if you ever small gas throughout your house. If you suspect that there is a propane leak in your home you should:

  • Stop using any and all appliances, thermostats or phones until you are a safe distance from the potential leak
  • Avoid using electrical switches
  • Immediately put out any open flames, cigarettes or sources of ignition
  • Close the gas shutoff valve on your propane tank or cylinder as long as it’s safely accessible
  • Leave your home immediately and keep a safe distance until you are given the okay to return

Once you have safely vacated your house you should:

  • Call either your local fire department or your propane supplier
  • Ask for a propane service technician to inspect the leak and to check for any escaped propane. The leak should be thoroughly repaired before you return home. Additionally, it should be up to the propane service technician to inspect all the gas appliances in your home and to relight all appliance pilots. Do not try to relight them yourself.
  • Only return home once given approval by an emergency personnel or qualified service technician

Lansing Ice & Fuel is Committed To Your Safety

Lansing Ice & Fuel’s staff is trained through the Certified Employee Training Program of the National Propane Gas Association, which is a continuing education program that keeps certified technicians up to date on safety standards within the propane industry. Our employees follow this program’s protocols closely and are committed to delivering and servicing propane safely and securely throughout the mid-Michigan area.

Lansing Ice & Fuel can safely help with both your residential and commercial propane needs all year long. We are happy to provide a free quote and to tell you all about our propane delivery services and prices, including our automatic propane delivery service. With automatic deliveries, Lansing Ice & Fuel monitors your propane levels for you through a computer system and makes sure that your supply never runs out.

Our prices are competitive and we even offer pricing and payment options, including monthly payment plans. We are also available for 24-hour emergency customer service. Contact us today for all your propane needs.