Propane has many uses outdoors

propane tank
Propane can do a lot in your home. It heats your water, runs your dryer and helps you cook your meals.

But look outside. There’s a whole bunch of things propane can do for you there too!

When the weather gets warm, you want to get outdoors and enjoy time with family and friends. Propane lets you take advantage of your outdoor spaces longer before the Michigan winter sends you back inside.

Propane Makes Cookouts Easy

There are several reasons propane grills are the most common grills owned in the United States.

Propane’s so much quicker and easier than charcoal. In the time it takes to get out all the things needed to start a charcoal grill —the charcoal, lighter fluid or chimney and newspapers, and the lighter for a charcoal grill — and then get the grill fire started, your propane grill is already grilling your catch of the day. Propane grills also give you precise control that lets you turn up or down the heat on a dime. You can’t do that with charcoal!

When you’re done grilling, just turn off the propane and clean the grate. There’s no waiting for coal embers to cool or dealing with soot and ashes as you empty the grill.

Outdoor cooking with propane isn’t limited to grills or the summer. Propane can fuel an outdoor fryer for a Thanksgiving fried turkey dinner that will have your family and friends begging for seconds.

Get the Party Started

Cookouts are just the beginning of the ways propane makes your outdoor living even better.

There’s nothing like gathering around a fire pit on a cool evening. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows for s’mores with the kids or relaxing with friends and a glass of wine, propane can make your nights special. Propane gives you a real fire, real heat just by turning it on. No more building a fire then waiting for it to ignite. When the party’s done, just turn off the fire pit and head inside without any worries.

Your pool and spa tub are made more enjoyable year-round with propane heating them. And, thanks to propane patio heaters and mosquito traps, you can enjoy your back yard longer.

Light Up the Night

Gas was the common energy source for both indoor and outdoor lighting before electricity became widely used. You can get that warm, glowing light again for your patio and pathways with propane. Also, propane is less expensive than electricity and will light up your property when the power is out.

Take Propane on Vacation

Propane’s use isn’t limited to home. It can also add comfort and convenience to your vacations and camping trips.

Campers, propane heaters keep your tent warm on chilly nights. And that propane turkey fryer? It’s not just for Thanksgiving! You can cook up that wonderful Michigan sweet corn, or do a seafood boil.

If you have an RV, you’ll love propane. It can heat or cool your RV at your campsite, heat water for showers, and run your appliances. Propane tank exchange sites can be found at gas stations and home improvement stores, making it easy to stay fueled with energy that’s less expensive than gas.

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