Choose Propane for Your Fleet

Autogas Makes Financial Sense

propane fleet michiganFuel prices have skyrocketed this year. Think back to last August and what it cost to fill a tank with gas. Compare that to what it costs today. The increase is difficult to swallow. And if your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, how much you spend on fuel could be the difference between being in the red and being profitable. That’s why so many companies choose to power their fleet with propane (also called Autogas).

Propane Autogas is a cleaner and greener way to keep your fleet of vehicles on the road. When propane is combusted, it produces carbon dioxide and water—two products that help trees and plants grow. So when your vehicles uses propane Autogas, you’re helping the flora in your Tri County neighborhood.

Propane Autogas Makes Good Financial Sense

Using propane Autogas for your feel is also a good budgeting decision. Propane Autogas tends to cost between 20% and 50% less per gallon than gasoline. That’s a savings you’ll enjoy for the lifetime of your fleet. That’s a savings you can count on even after you factor in the cost to convert your vehicles.

Additionally, there are tax credits associated with using propane. You may qualify for government incentives that will further increase the savings associated with using propane for your fleet.

And the savings don’t stop there. Propane burns cleaner than gasoline, so using propane Autogas will reduce your maintenance costs and extend the longevity of your vehicles. You’ll save money because you won’t have to replace or repair your vehicles as often. Additionally, your vehicles won’t need to spend as much time in the shop, so they can spend more time out on the road making money for you. That means you’ll be saving money and while also gaining the potential to make more.

We’re Here for Your Fuel Needs

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Want to learn more? Contact Lansing Ice & Fuel today. We’ll give you details about federal and state Autogas incentives, tax credits, and other ways you can save by making the switch for your Michigan-based fleet.