The Power Of Propane For The Outdoors

propane for outdoors michigan

We’ve all spent A LOT of time indoors this year, but now that summer’s here, that’s likely to change – especially if you have a beautiful outdoor space to retreat to.

The good news is you can, thanks to propane gas.

Adding an outdoor entertainment area is a great way to create a safe staycation spot for your family at a fraction of the cost of an exotic trip or home addition. An investment in your outdoor space will usually pay for itself by making your home more desirable if you choose to sell it, to say nothing of what it will do for your energy bills if your family spends more time outside than in your air conditioned home.

Imagine The Propane Possibilities

Your outdoor living space can easily be appointed with the little indoor luxuries you know and love. Consider these propane possibilities for your outdoor space:

  • Propane patio heaters – Keep your family comfortable on the deck on cool Michigan nights.
  • Propane mosquito magnets – Get mosquito protection without the noxious smells or obnoxious sounds of sprays and zappers – it’s possible with a propane mosquito magnet (here’s how it works).
  • A propane barbecue grill – When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing beats the precision control of propane. Make a built-in grill the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen, or upgrade your charcoal grill to a propane portable model.
  • Propane pool heaters – Why limit your swimming season to July and August? Get a propane pool heater and stretch out your summer.
  • Propane gas lighting – From tiki torches to modern fixtures, propane lighting adds ambiance to any outdoor space without the wires and clutter.
  • Propane outdoor hearths – Imagine sitting by a propane fire pit under the stars, without the hassles of wood fire set-up and cleanup. It’s possible, thanks to the one-touch convenience of a propane hearth.

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