Is Propane A Renewable Energy?

renewable propane lansing, miWhether you are aware of it or not, you are probably using propane in one way or another just about everyday throughout your home and/or commercial space. The fuel can be used for all sorts of things including cooking, heating water, furnaces and drying clothes. Using propane also happens to be one of the most powerful, versatile and efficient ways to power appliances throughout a home or commercial space. So what exactly do we know about propane?

Propane & Renewable Energy

For many years, propane was considered a fossil fuel. But things have changed and propane can now be considered a renewable energy source.

There are two key components to renewable energy:

  • Renewable energy is created from natural sources
  • The natural sources that create renewable energy are restored at a higher rate than they are utilized

The wind, nuclear energy and the sun are all examples of renewable energy.

Renewable propane, a relatively new advancement, is made entirely from renewable raw materials and, when compared to standard propane, has a lower carbon intensity.

More Propane Facts

Propane itself has many benefits. It is a clean, environmentally friendly fuel, it’s one of the most efficient fuels out on the market and it is cost effective. However, that’s not all. Here are some more helpful things that you may or may not know about propane:

  • A large majority of the propane that is used in the United States is made locally.
  • Propane produces a smaller amount of greenhouse gas than electricity does and surpasses the requirements for clean fuel regulations, which, is in part, why it was included in the EPA’s 1990 expansion to the Clean Air Act.
  • Temperature control on a cooking range that uses propane is considerably more accurate than an electric cook top or stove. Most professional chefs use propane to cook.
  • Furnaces and water heaters that are fueled by propane are considered the most efficient options currently out on the market.
  • A propane leak does not pose any threat to soil or water seeing as it doesn’t spill, pool or leave a residue behind.
  • In the event of a power outage, one whole-house propane backup generator can be used to power a home’s lights, refrigerator, security system, sump pump and additional appliances. Thanks to propane’s long shelf life and the fact that it does not decline as years go by like gasoline does or gel up in the winter like diesel does, it is highly recommended to use propane to fuel backup generators.
  • When using a propane powered clothes dryer, you will notice that your clothes don’t get as worn out or torn as they do when using a dryer that is not powered by propane. This is because propane dryers produce less static than electric units.

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