Should You Install A Propane Gas Stove?

gas stove ban lansing, miFor many people, a kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a room where people gather and spend quality time together. So sometimes a lot of thought and energy goes into the kinds of appliances that one chooses to install in their home’s kitchen.

One of the appliances that needs careful consideration is a stove. There are many different kinds of stoves out there on the market, including electric, induction and gas (which includes propane stoves). With all the choices, deciding what type of stove to go with could feel overwhelming, especially if you have heard about gas stove bans and the growing concerns about using them.

But how concerned should you be about using a propane gas stove and is it safe to install one?

Gas Stove Bans

A lot of cities have been considering banning gas stoves all together and some, such as Berkeley, California, have created building codes to ban gas connections in new buildings entirely. The discussion about gas stove bans came about after people grew increasingly concerned that the appliances were contributing to both health issues and environmental issues. This was a result of studies that were conducted that reflected that natural gas stoves were possibly connected to indoor air pollution hazards.

The Truth About Cooking & Home Air Quality

The fact of the matter is, you are at risk of releasing particulate matter into your indoor air regardless of the type of stove – gas, electric, wood, etc. – that you use.

But the good news about propane stoves is that, unlike natural gas, propane doesn’t contain any methane gas since it is a greenhouse gas and a “green fuel” with a low carbon content. So cooking on propane stoves actually let’s you avoid breathing in methane gas.

More Benefits of Cooking On A Propane Stove

Decreasing your intake of methane gas isn’t the only plus to consider if you’re thinking about installing a propane gas stove. Propane gas stoves also:

  • Work very efficiently and are, therefore, also cost efficient.
  • Are not harmful to the environment since, as mentioned above, propane is considered a green, clean burning fuel with a low carbon content.
  • Generally last longer than other types of stoves due to the fact that propane is clean burning.
  • Work in severe conditions such as blackouts since they don’t rely on power and electricity to run.
  • Provide precise temperature control and cook faster than other types of stoves.

Lansing Ice & Fuel Is Here For Your Propane Needs

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