Seven Industries That Use Commercial Propane

The fuel is versatile and used all over

commercial propane lansing, mi It goes without saying that the hospitality industry is different than the construction industry. A farm is different than a commercial kitchen. A warehouse is worlds apart from a retail space. However, there is, at times, a commonality between everything that we have just mentioned and that is commercial propane.

Where commercial propane is used

Commercial propane is known for being very versatile. This means that it can be used to power and fuel countless different appliances, pieces of equipment and pieces of machinery. The fact that it is so versatile also means it can be used in numerous and various types of industries. Here are seven different areas and industries where commercial propane is commonly used:

  1. Transportation vehicles used for commercial needs: Many fleets of vehicles including trucks, school buses and public buses count on commercial propane (specifically propane Autogas) to get from point A to point B.
  2. The hospitality industry: There are many uses for commercial propane within the hospitality industry. The fuel can be used to power grills and stoves, heat water that is needed to wash dishes, power space heaters and help keep everything up and running during a power outage with propane-powered generators.
  3. Warehouses and manufacturers: Workers in these settings use commercial propane to fuel the forklifts they need for lifting and moving heavy materials.
  4. The food service industry: Commercial propane can help get the cooking and grilling done for many restaurants, food trucks and catering companies.
  5. Construction companies: Many people working in the construction industry rely on propane to power scissor lifts, forklifts, welding equipment, generators that charge power tools and to provide temporary heat while out on construction sites.
  6. The agricultural industry: On top of needing propane to run forklifts, agricultural workers can also use the fuel to heat their livestock and greenhouses and for crop drying and pest control purposes.
  7. Retail spaces: Brick and mortar stores can use commercial propane to help stay warm, power backup generators that they keep on hand and ignite any non-wood burning fireplaces that their stores have.

Commercial propane’s popularity

So why are all these different areas and types of businesses choosing to use commercial propane for their day-to-day operations? On top of propane’s versatility, there are a bunch of other reasons, including:

  • You can count on propane appliances at all times: Any propane-powered appliance will still work even if there is a blackout, which makes the fuel dependable.
  • Effectiveness: Yes, propane-powered appliances and electric appliances can do the same things. However, an appliance that is powered by propane tends to get whatever job it is that they are doing done faster and more efficiently. Obviously, this is a big win for a business owner since it ends up saving both time and money (so propane is the cost effective option as well!).
  • Added convenience: The fact that propane is so versatile gives it an added layer of convenience for any customer.
  • It’s better for the environment: There are many factors that make propane an environmentally friendly choice. It is considered green, clean burning and non-toxic. On top of that, the fuel also produces about half the amount of greenhouse gas when you compare it to electricity.

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