How To Check Propane Levels

Three simple methods

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Many of us rely on propane for a whole long list of day-to-day things. Sometimes we use the fuel to warm the water in our homes or to warm our actual homes. Some of us can’t cook without it. Sometimes we need it to run home appliances such as clothes dryers. All these things are important, which means knowing and being aware of how much propane you have on hand is important. In order to do that, you need to be able to check your propane tank’s levels.

Ways to check your propane tank’s levels

There are a few different ways a homeowner can check his or her propane levels. Here are three common ones:

  1. Add a gauge: This is the easiest solution for most people. If your tank doesn’t come with a gauge, you can add one. There are external propane tank gauge options (these include inline pressure gauges that go between the grill’s gas line and the cut-off valve on the propane cylinder), analog scales and digital scales that give you a reading of your grill’s remaining cook time and how full your tank is in a percentage.
  2. Use warm water: This is definitely a good old DIY (do it yourself) method. Pour a little warm water down the side of your propane tank. Check for a cool spot on the tank with your hand. The cool spot indicates your tank’s current fill level.
  3. Use a scale: You can weigh your tank and do a little math to see how full it is at any given time. Start by gathering some information – your tank’s water capacity (WC) and tare weight (TW), which is how much your tank weighs when empty. You can usually find both these numbers on your tank’s handle. Keep in mind that most grill tanks weigh around 17 pounds without fuel and can hold about 20 pounds of propane at a time. Put your tank on a scale and subtract the TW from the number that comes up.

Wireless tank monitors

There is a way to ensure that you never run out of propane without having to check your fuel levels and that is by using a wireless tank monitor.

A wireless tank monitor is a device that goes directly onto your propane tank. It reads your propane levels in real time and sends that information directly to your propane provider. Your provider then schedules your next fuel delivery accordingly without you having to lift a finger, read a gauge or weigh a tank on a scale. However, if you are curious about your propane supply you can check it with a convenient Smartphone app.

Wireless tank monitors are a great way to take something (monitoring your propane) off your most likely already very full plate. Lansing Ice & Fuel is happy to do the worrying for you when it comes to your propane supply!

Propane from Lansing Ice & Fuel

However you choose to check your propane levels, know that when it is time for your next fuel order Lansing Ice & Fuel can help. Our team can get your mid-Michigan home or business the propane it needs when you need it.

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