Do Cold Temperatures Affect Propane?

What you should know about propane and the cold weather

propane lansing, mi Those of us who live in Michigan are well aware of how cold it gets in the winter. Temperatures drop significantly. It snows and then that snow turns to ice. And all of that – those cold temperatures and all the elements that come along with those cold temperatures – can affect propane.

How cold temperatures affect propane and your propane tank

The winter weather can impact propane and a propane tank in a few different ways. Here is a look at how low temperatures affect the gas:

  • If it were ever to drop to -42 degrees Celsius, propane would turn to liquid. These drastically low temperatures would also cause pressure inside a propane tank to decrease. Eventually, the pressure inside the propane tank would get too low, prohibiting it from effectively powering the heating equipment it’s being used for.
  • Gas leaks can happen if snow or ice get into propane tank regulators, vents, piping and valves.
  • Propane may not be able to vent properly if a propane appliance’s flues, chimneys or vents are blocked by either snow or ice.
  • Extreme weather, including cold temperatures, can sometimes cause propane appliances to not work. If this happens we recommend turning off your main gas supply, especially if you suspect a gas leak.
  • Snow can easily pile up and bury a propane tank to the point where you can no longer see and find it. So it’s a good idea to place a flag, pole or stake to the side of your tank so that you can still easily find it even in inches and inches of snow.

Winter tips for propane users

If you use propane around your Michigan home, here are some suggestions and tips that can help you through those cold winter months:

  • If your home heating system is powered by propane, decrease the temperature on your home’s thermostat. This will decrease the overall time your heating system operates, which allows pressure in your propane tank to build.
  • Be on top of clearing snow and ice off of your propane tank, near your propane tank and from your propane tank’s regulator. Letting it pile up can lead to damage.
  • Running out of propane is never good, especially when it’s cold outside. That is why Lansing Ice & Fuel recommends ordering your next supply of propane before your tank gets down to 25% full.

Lansing Ice & Fuel’s propane

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