Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil

Energy-efficient fuel oil to keep you warm

Fuel oil from Lansing Ice & Fuel is a safe and affordable way to keep your home, farm or business well run, warm and comfortable.

We offer competitive fuel oil prices as well as round-the-clock service, delivery to your fuel oil tank, and payment options that work with your budget.

What makes a fuel oil furnace great in your home, farm or business? When you come in from the cold of a Tri County-area winter day, you want to warm up quickly, and a fuel oil furnace gets you warm faster than all other kinds of home heating systems.

Fuel oil is also more energy efficient for heating, burning up to 30% more efficiently than electric heat and 20% more efficiently than gas heat. Oil heating systems have become more efficient, and fuel oil cleaner burning, which can help you heat your home with few or no emissions.

A rich history of service

Lansing Ice & Fuel has been serving Mid-Michigan farms, homes and businesses since 1906. We can deliver fuel oil to you in as small an amount as 150 gallons, all the way up to full transport loads for commercial enterprises.

And we’re still right here, still local and family owned. We provide service for Ingham, Eaton, Shiawassee and Clinton Counties in a way you’ll never get from national or international corporations. Forget about contracts with loopholes and fine print, or pricing that lures you in with a low introductory price and then jacks it up a few months later. Our pricing is straightforward and understandable, and we’re nearby when you have questions.

Auto-fill service

We get it. You’re busy. Between work, family and other obligations, you don’t always have time to check on how much fuel oil is in your tank.

That’s where Lansing Ice & Fuel’s auto-fill service comes in. We proactively keep an eye on your normal fuel needs, and schedule a delivery to you long before your tank gets low.

On-request/will-call service

A busy schedule can also mean that you need to control when you want your fuel oil delivered. You can give us a call or go online to schedule a delivery if you’re already a customer. To become a customer, go here.

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Budget Plan

Fluctuations in how much heating oil you use can make planning your bill-paying a challenge. Our Budget Plan is a solution. We’ll design a payment plan that, by looking at your past usage and estimating what you will use in the coming year, can spread your fuel oil costs out over 10 payments. This keeps your bills predictable and protects you from surprise costs.

We’re in the community

So, the next time you ask, “Where can I find fuel oil near me?,” think of Lansing Ice & Fuel. We’re right here in the Lansing area, ready to help you with all things fuel oil.

Are you ready to become a fuel oil customer? Go here.