The Advantages to Fuel Oil & Propane

Reasons to choose fuel oil or propane over electricity

benefits of oil and propane michiganThere’s a lot of buzz around electricity and how great it is for the environment. Many municipalities are trying to legislate to make homes in their areas fully electric. However, as a resident of the Tri County area, there are ways in which an electric-powered home will fall short for you and your family. Before you jump on the electrification bandwagon, take a look at some of the advantages to fuel oil and propane over electricity.

Fuel Oil & Propane vs Electricity

There are advantages to having a home powered by propane or heating oil. If you’re considering making a switch, consider the following:

  1. A boiler or furnace running on heating oil makes more sense than an electric heat pump in the Tri County area. Electric heat pumps become noticeably less effective when the temperature gets close to zero degrees. Compared to a system powered by heating oil, an electric heat pump simply can’t warm your Mid-Michigan home as effectively during the coldest winter days and nights.
  2. Installing a heat pump can be quite expensive. On average, new heat pumps cost about $20,000. By contrast, you can buy a new, highly efficient boiler or furnace for less than half that price tag and still lower your carbon footprint.
  3. Propane appliances are extremely efficient. That means money saved. Compared to an electric water heater, a propane water heater can double the hot water in the same amount of time. Propane clothes dryers work 25% faster than electric dryers and lead to less static. Propane space heaters are also more efficient than their electric counterparts.

What about the Environment?

Not only do propane and heating oil offer significant advantages, but electricity has its drawbacks. Most of our country’s electricity is generated by coal-burning power plants. Electricity is the second-largest source of greenhouse gases in the US. Only transportation ranks higher.

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