Does Your Home Need a Propane Detector?

Yes! Propane Detectors Save Lives

propane gas leaks michiganPropane has a great safety track record due to strict industry standards and government oversight. However, there are still some propane safety best practices you should follow to keep everyone in your home safe.

Why Do You Need a Propane Detector?

Propane is naturally odorless, so the propane industry adds an odorant to it. Many people describe the smell as resembling rotten eggs. However, there are a lot of times you may not smell a propane leak. Think about how many people lost their sense of smell from Covid-19. In addition, a cold, allergies, other medical conditions, medication side-effect, alcohol, and smoking can all drastically reduce your sense of smell. Your sense of smell can also become less sensitive with age. And while it is rare, propane can sometimes lose its added smell when there is rust or water in the propane tank. If there is an underground propane leak, the smell can get trapped by the soil.

For all these reasons, we at Lansing Ice & Fuel recommend that our propane delivery customers install propane detectors in their homes.

You should already have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your Lansing, Michigan home. Adding propane detectors is another important step for your family’s safety.

Installing Your Propane Detector

You can purchase a propane detector for as little as $20. Then install one wherever you have a propane appliance. You should also install a propane detector outside each bedroom. Because propane is heavier than air, place them low to the ground (no higher than your bedroom’s pillows).

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