Uses for Commercial Propane

Fueling Your Business

bulk propane michigan You’re probably already familiar with all the different things propane can do in and around your Lansing area home. It can be used to heat your home, heat your water, and cook your food. It can power your clothes dryer as well as your home’s backup generator. In addition to being versatile and cost-effective, propane is efficient and one of the cleanest fuel options we have.

But propane goes beyond the home. It’s not just for residential use. Propane also has a lot of commercial applications. Businesses that use propane need a bulk propane supplier. In mid-Michigan, smart companies trust Lansing Ice & Fuel for their propane and fuel oil needs.

Better for Business

How can propane help your business? Like at home, propane can provide efficient and cost-effective heat and do so much more. It can be used to produce large quantities of food in service kitchens. It can power generators on construction sites and fuel forklifts used inside and outside. Commercial propane heaters provide heat for barns housing livestock.

Lansing Ice & Fuel provides reliable delivery that will keep your commercial propane tanks filled. We also offer a 33-pound forklift-cylinder exchange.

Can propane help your business? Yes. Here’s just a selection of the different commercial uses for propane your business could benefit from:

  • Businesses with a commercial kitchen can use propane cooking appliances to produce large quantities of high-quality food quickly.
  • Propane can be used in commercial kitchens for efficient and reliable water heating that allows large quantity of dishes to get cleaned on a budget.
  • Businesses with an outdoor space can use propane for space heating to keep their customers comfortable outdoors for more days of the year.
  • Construction companies can use propane to run scissor lifts, forklifts, welding equipment, or a generator to charge power tools. It can also provide temporary heating on construction sites.
  • Farmers can use propane to keep their livestock warm.
  • Many businesses count on propane generators to keep everything up and running when there is a power outage. A propane generator can run critical medical equipment at a hospital or senior facility. It can also power refrigeration units to prevent perishable food and medical supplies from going bad.
  • Propane generators can also protect critical technology and important data by keeping an HVAC system up and running so computers and servers aren’t exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Companies with a fleet of vehicles can use propane Autogas. It’s the third most popular vehicle fuel.

Make Lansing Ice & Fuel Your Company’s Propane Provider

If your company uses propane in mid-Michigan, you can depend on Lansing Ice & Fuel to help keep your business running. Our fleet of delivery and service vehicles is ready to make sure your company never runs out of fuel. We know the area, and in addition to providing excellent customer service, quality products, and fair prices, we’re also committed to safety.

Contact Lansing Ice & Fuel today to find out more about the commercial propane services we offer.