Commercial Propane for Retail Businesses

How retail businesses can use it and the benefits

commercial propane lansing, mi When we think of retail businesses we often automatically jump to a vision of a store (or in this day and age a website) selling some sort of merchandise or commercial good. While this certainly holds true a lot of the time, there is so much more to a retail business than just what a company sells. So much goes on in the background to help make that business run and function. Oftentimes, commercial propane is playing a big role in helping businesses stay operational.

How retail businesses use commercial propane

Commercial propane is becoming more and more popular among business owners, in part because of all the different ways it can be used. It is incredibly versatile and can help fuel and power a wide variety of appliances and equipment. Retail businesses can use commercial propane to:

  • Heat any outdoor spaces their stores may have with a space heater
  • Power backup generators that they may need in the event they lose power
  • Heat their stores and office spaces
  • Warm water that both employees and customers may need
  • Ignite any non-wood burning fireplaces their retail space may include

How retail businesses benefit from commercial propane

Using commercial propane, which happens to be one of the most powerful, versatile and efficient ways to power commercial appliances, is extremely advantageous to retail businesses. Here are some of the benefits of using commercial propane:

  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness: Propane-powered appliances are usually more efficient than electric appliances. They can do the same jobs as electric appliances, but they normally get their jobs done faster and more efficiently. This is a huge help to businesses as it ends up helping them save both money and time.
  • Propane is environmentally friendly: Propane is a clean burning, green fuel. It produces less than half the amount of greenhouse gas that electricity does. Propane is also non-toxic, which means that even if it spills or leaks it won’t harm any living organisms.
  • You can count on propane working in a blackout: Since propane doesn’t rely on electricity and power grids to operate, propane-powered appliances will still be able to work and function even if the power goes out. This means that your business can stay operational and you can keep making money even during a blackout!
  • Convenience: Since propane is extremely versatile and can be used to power and fuel numerous different things, it is certainly a convenient choice for business owners.
  • Propane is safe: Not only is propane safe, but also it happens to be thought of as one of the safest energy sources currently available. This is thanks to the fact that it has a very low flammability range and that the propane industry is very strictly regulated on both state and federal levels. Additionally, you can easily detect a propane leak as propane gives off a very strong smell that is similar to rotten eggs.

Commercial propane from Lansing Ice & Fuel

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