Are Oil Heat Systems Becoming Outdated?

How the fuel is keeping up with the times

oilheat lansing, mi There are lots of fads and trends out there. And lots of those fads and trends come and go and become outdated. Fashion changes and is constantly evolving. Diets come in and out of style. Certain types of cars become a thing of the past. However, this is not the case when it comes to heating oil.

How oil heat systems stay current

If you use heating oil to heat your home you will probably be happy to hear that oil heat systems are not at all outdated. In fact, the opposite is actually true – they are staying current and keeping up with the times. The oil heat systems that are available today:

  • Are made with advanced technology and control capabilities.
  • Are designed to be incredibly efficient, which helps provide maximum comfort throughout your home. On top of this, heating oil itself is very efficient. In fact, it burns up to 30% more efficiently than electric heat and 20% more efficiently than natural gas heat. This high efficiency also helps homeowners save on fuel costs.
  • Only use the amount of heating oil that is essential for keeping your house warm. They don’t use a surplus of fuel.
  • Are compact and on the small side so they don’t take up a lot of space in a house.

The fluctuating price of heating oil

We mentioned before that fads and trends fluctuate and change. The same can be said for the price of heating oil. This is a cost that is seemingly always going up and down. There are a lot of reasons behind this fluctuation, including:

  • Supply and demand: When heating oil is more in demand the price goes up.
  • Local competition: Having multiple heating oil providers in one specific area is going to create competition. That competition is, in turn, going to lower heating oil prices. When the opposite happens (when there is a lower number of heating oil providers in one area) prices jump up because providers can get away with charging more.
  • Gas prices: The constant fluctuation of gas prices has a direct impact on the cost of heating oil. This is because higher gas prices make it more expensive for companies to transport and deliver heating oil. They have to make up for this increase by charging more for their product.
  • How much crude oil costs: Since heating oil is a by product of crude oil, the price of heating oil will go up when the price of crude oil goes up.

Heating oil from Lansing Ice & Fuel

If the heating system in your Michigan home or business needs heating oil, Lansing Ice & Fuel can help. Here is a look at what we offer our customers:

  • Competitive and fair heating oil prices
  • Around the clock service
  • Heating oil deliveries that come straight to your front door
  • Payment options for all different budgets
  • An auto-fill service where we track your average heating oil needs and set up your next heating oil delivery before your fuel levels get too low

Lansing Ice & Fuel is ready to help with all your heating oil needs and we can help you stay warm all throughout the long Michigan winter. Contact us today to learn more!