Industrial lubrication

Industrial lubrication Products

Lansing Ice and Fuel works with large companies to individuals to fulfill their specific lubrication and cooling needs. Many industrial machines, equipment and vehicles require grease, oils, and lubricants with specific specifications to ensures that they run effectively, stay cool, stay safe, and keep wear to a minimum.

In some situations your needs may require an exact brand and specification that we can have available for you to pick-up or delivered directly to your business location. In other situations we can review your specifications and suggest a suitable product that may have the same efficacy but be more cost effective for your business.

Many products are available in sizes ranging from small tubes and quarts to full 55 gallon drums.

Common oil and lubrication brands that we order and stock




Needs that we regularly fill for Lansing area businesses

  • Greases
  • Oil and lubricants
  • Gear lubricants
  • Cutting oil
  • Coolant
  • Washer fluid
  • DEF – Diesel Exhaust Fluid

If you think we might be able to help you with your industrial lubrication needs, let us know.

Even if you have a unique need of something not specifically mentioned here, get in touch and we can see if we can source it for you from one of our many great suppliers.