Fuel Oil

We deliver fuel oil to homes, businesses, farms and industrial accounts

Fuel Oil Services

Although Fuel Oil is not as popular as it once was Lansing Ice & Fuel is still here to meet the needs of many Lansing area residents and businesses that require fuel oil for their home or business.

We have the capacity to deliver anything from 150 gallons through full transport loads.  When we work with our fuel oil customers we typically work in one of the following ways:


Auto fill service 

Where we proactively keep an eye on your normal fuel oil needs and delivery to you before you run out.

On request (will call)

Where you just give us a call when you would like to schedule a delivery.

Budget Program

Based on your past or estimated usage we can design a payment plan that spreads the cost over 10 to 12 payments. Keeping your monthly payment predictable and helping you avoid any surprise costs.

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